Morgellons Database Project

New Data for a New Disease
The Morgellons Database Project is primarily a group of physicians who share objective data on Morgellons patients.  We believe we may have already identified the critical factors responsible for the immune deficiency, and consequent opportunistic infections, and we're looking for partners to test their patients and share their data with us.  Our mission is to collect unbiased data on this new disease, and publish our results for peer review.

Participation involves a one minute registration, and your sharing of the data, mostly through just a few clicks on our electronic form.  That's it. 

We understand physicians are very busy so we've streamlined the process to make it very efficient. 

All contributing physicians will be acknowledged for their contribution in our publication, and those who wish to be more closely involved in authorship are welcomed to do so. 

After submitting data on just one patient, you will be able to see the results of our pooled data, and will know very quickly whether we're moving in the right direction in our effort to shed some light on this new illness.

Physicians should click here on Physician Registration to get started.  You're information will be kept completely confidential and nonpublic. 

A parallel project for allied health professionals and patients who are interested in complementary techniques will also be developed as volunteers step forward to help out in this area.